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                                      VALERIAN ROOT OIL


                                         Valerian root essential oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation. The oil content in the valerian roots is of the order of 1.5 % to 2 % only. Therefore, the oil yield is very small. Valerian root oil is yellow in color, and has a balsamic, musky aroma.
                                      In order to make it useable and to harness its therapeutic properties, valerian root oil is usually blended with other aromatic oils such as lavender essential oil and rose essential oil.
                                   Valerian is used as an essential oil in aromatherapy primarily in conjunction with massage; it is used to treat disorders of the nervous system including migraine, insomnia, nervous indigestion, tension and restlessness. Its actions are diuretic, bactericidal, sedative, carminative, a depressant of the nervous system and hypnotic.
                                         Valerian can also be used as a herbal tea and in pharmaceutical preparations. The essential oil of Valerian is used as a fragrance component in soaps and fragrances; it is also used as a flavor ingredient in liqueurs, tobacco, root beers and as an apple flavoring. An infusion of Valerian root is used for the bath.

                                    The major constituents of Valerian root essential oil are limonene, borneol, pienene, sesquiterpenes, nerolidol, p-cymene, valerone, malliol, valerenic acid and 1, 8-cineole.

                                     Dried roots of Valerianca officinalis are steam distilled to extract essential oil from them. Average yield of this oil is in the range of about 0.8 percentages. The color of this essential oil ranges from yellowish green to brownish yellow. The smell of this oil is extremely pungent and is similar to that of a well matured cheese.
                                         Commonly called as sleep aid, Valerian roots have been used for the treatment of sleep disorders from ancient days. Results have suggested that, people with insomnia on consuming valerian root health supplements feel restful and refreshing.

                                         Epilepsy is a seizure disorder caused by disruption of the electrical activity in the brain. Results have shown that, valerian extracts lessened the seizure formation by their anticonvulsive properties in the brain. 

                                   Valerian essential oil is sedative in nature. Number of studies conducted to demonstrate its sedative effects prove that it can help in sleep latency, wake up time after sleep, frequency of waking up during sleep and quality of sleep. What makes it even better is that it is non-addictive in nature and has no morning hangovers.

                                    Valerian root oil is also a very good antispasmodic. Therefore, this oil finds wide use in the treatment of muscular spasms. It also provides relief from rheumatic and gout pains. If you suffer from recurring spasms or muscular cramps, a massage with this oil will help alleviate the pain.

                                    Use of Valerian oil is also quite effective in treatment of migraine and rheumatic pains.

                                  Valerian essential oil has mild tranquilizing effect, which is helpful for treating emotional stress and anxiety.  Patients already using anti-depressant drugs are use this oil to get them away from these drugs.

SKIN DISORDERS:                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                             Few drops of Valerian essential oil added to your skin cream can help in treating dry scaly skin. The antibacterial properties of this oil is helpful in the remedy of burns, cuts, wounds, open sores, eczema, bruises, psoriasis, itchiness, boils, acne, scars, insect bites, stings etc. You can apply this oil externally on the affected area after blending it with your favorite carrier oils or to your skin care cream. The soothing effect of this oil will calm and cool your skin instantly.
                                 Valerian root essential oil is a valuable remedy for treating vata disorders like facial palsy, flatulence, and paralysis. This oil is also effective in lessening kapha imbalances and is used as a natural remedy for treating asthma, whooping cough and certain other respiratory infections. The carminative and bitter properties of this oil assist in stimulating the appetite and treat indigestion and few other digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea and digestive ulcers.

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